Small and Medium Enterprises

With the introduction of the Single Market, we have achieved many new opportunities for businesses, but it has also created new challenges.

Throughout my career I was initiator and founder of several organisations committed to support SMEs across the EU by reducing regulatory burden, improving market access and access to finance.

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With the introduction of the Single Market, European Union has achieved many new opportunities for businesses, but it has also created new challenges. It is not an easy feat for European entrepreneurs to benefit from all of the opportunities, or resist adversities in Brussels. 

Many SMEs are often poorly informed of European developments or the stages of the EU decision-making procedures, and are barely in contact with the European institutions. 

The ultimate goal is for Europe to become the most attractive place to start a small business, make it grow and scale up in the single market.

SME Global, founded in 2003, is dedicated to the advancement of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups worldwide and is part of the network of the International Democrat Union (IDU).  SME Global is committed to a socially-oriented market economy, responsible economic development, low taxation and individual liberty.

SME Europe, founded in 2012, is the biggest political business organisation in Europe that operates for the rights of SMEs creating and developing a common European SME friendly policy. SME Europe is part of the European People’s Party family aimed to advise on EU legislation for SMEs working in close cooperation with all the stakeholders representing entrepreneurial sector. Entrepreneurs are given an early warning on legal development whist policymakers receive their own evaluations on the effects that it will have on them.

SME Connect is a network of SMEs and SME supporters advocating for mid-sized sector in Europe. Founded in 2017, non-partisan but advised by a non-profit board of politicians made up of all constructive political groups.